Calling All Hipstrs

Hello, wonderful people. Sorry I haven’t posted here in a little while.

Things are really popping around Jeremy Central and I’m going to make this a quick post to get you up to speed. First, I’ve been asked to take part in Geek Month over at CheekyGeeks, where I have contributed some exclusive comics for the festivities. The first week is Fantasy themed, so the three comics I contributed are all along that theme, including an original Garage comic that cannot be seen anywhere else.

Second, I’ve launched HipstrStash, through my TIMID Studios brand. It’s a review and recommendation site for all the best in independent creative media. Music, movies/videos, podcasts, art, comics, writing — you name it, if it’s created by an independent person or persons, we want to cover it. I hope you’ll check it out and, if you’re creating something please drop us a line to point us to it.

Lastly, I just posted a new short story to my Little Artifacts blog. And, of course, I’m continuing the weekday adventures of The Garage.

Whew! If you have access to additional time I could buy, or even a machine to stop time, I’d really appreciate it!

Thanks for following along!

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