Calling All Hipstrs

Hello, wonderful people. Sorry I haven’t posted here in a little while.

Things are really popping around Jeremy Central and I’m going to make this a quick post to get you up to speed. First, I’ve been asked to take part in Geek Month over at CheekyGeeks, where I have contributed some exclusive comics for the festivities. The first week is Fantasy themed, so the three comics I contributed are all along that theme, including an original Garage comic that cannot be seen anywhere else.

Second, I’ve launched HipstrStash, through my TIMID Studios brand. It’s a review and recommendation site for all the best in independent creative media. Music, movies/videos, podcasts, art, comics, writing — you name it, if it’s created by an independent person or persons, we want to cover it. I hope you’ll check it out and, if you’re creating something please drop us a line to point us to it.

Lastly, I just posted a new short story to my Little Artifacts blog. And, of course, I’m continuing the weekday adventures of The Garage.

Whew! If you have access to additional time I could buy, or even a machine to stop time, I’d really appreciate it!

Thanks for following along!

About Jeremy Kerns

Jeremy Kerns is the mastermind behind TIMID Studios, Mellow Migrations, HipstrStash and others. He writes, makes films, draws comics and searches the world for dead pixels to prove the simulation theory. You can also find his creations on Etsy at and Redbubble at
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