Mic Check, 1-2

TIMIDman(In my best Richard Attenborough/John Hammond impersonation):

Welcome… to TIMID Studios!

Please take some time to look around and explore what’s already here (admittedly, mostly old stuff). New content will be arriving shortly.

Pretty much all of my writings (blog, stories, books, etc) will go through this main site and its feed. You’ll also find that it contains some miscellaneous comics and whatnot. Clicking on Blog in the menu will show you the full stream of TIMID’s feed. The Garage is technically its own site on the domain, meaning subscribing to the feed here will not give you The Garage’s updates and vice versa. That is also the case with Apparent Progress and Bruce Campbell High School. And HipstrStash is literally its own site.

Speaking of BCHS, it is still a work in progress. Please keep checking back. And please, please follow on Facebook or Twitter. That’s where the real action for BCHS is.

Thanks so much for coming here and I hope you’ll continue to return on a regular basis! New content should show up daily!

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