The August Newsletter

Okay, this isn’t actually a newsletter. It is, in fact, my first general purpose blog post on this site since … well, pretty much the day I launched it. So, yay?

So why break my vow of silence? To tell you these terribly important things:

First, I’ve been invited back to take part in the second annual Geek Month at Cheeky Geeks, which starts (and runs through) the month of September. It’s very fun and exciting and I’m really thankful for the invitation. I’m really looking forward to all the neat stuff they have planned. I hope you’ll stop over there and check it all out.

Second, since beginning the serialized story of The Dark Over Azanrah just a few short weeks ago, the story has definitely changed shape in my head and done so more than once. I would like to follow where the story leads me and allow myself the ability to alter the preceding pieces of the story as necessary (something I can’t do when those previous pieces are published for the world to see). As such, I will not be updating the story on the site any longer. Not only that, but I will be removing the existing installments to avoid any confusion. Once I have completed the story, I will restart the serialization. At that point, I hope that it will be a stronger, more cohesive tale.

I appreciate you following the adventures up until now and I hope that you will allow me this opportunity to learn the best way to approach these kinds of projects and that it will not dissuade you from returning to enjoy future work of mine.

Thank you!

About Jeremy Kerns

Jeremy Kerns is the mastermind behind TIMID Studios, Mellow Migrations, HipstrStash and others. He writes, makes films, draws comics and searches the world for dead pixels to prove the simulation theory. You can also find his creations on Etsy at and Redbubble at
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  1. Super excited to have you back, personally! You always have such amazing ideas — we’ll probably keep inviting you so long as you’ll join us!! xD

    Also, as always, your work is awesome. I love how one can start a story with a general “game plan” & it ends up evolving on it’s own — crazy right?? I bet the future of TDoA gets even crazier for you (still good, though!)

    Keep up the AWESOME works! I love your creations. 😀

    –Elise M. Gross

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