Battle for The Internet

As I’m sure (and hope) you’ve heard or read, today has been designated as a call to arms to the public to fight the threat that the FCC’s proposed rules effectively eliminating Net Neutrality would create. In short, the cable companies and ISPs want to be able to charge for faster access (on the website side), which means that the big guys on the internet (Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc) would get to people faster and the little guys (like me and most of the rest of the internet) would not.

The really important thing here is not just the specifics of this particular threat, but the need to continue pushing back against the corporations and the governments that want to exert their control over the internet. This communication infrastructure is perhaps the most important human creation, that enables instant connection and distribution of important ideas and information across the world.

We should do everything we can to protect the freedom the internet provides us – especially for the everyday person.

Please, please, please sign the letter here (or the pop-up that occurs on this post’s page) calling for the FCC to reject these new proposed rules and make a clear statement that the internet belongs to all of us and we need to keep it as level a playing field as possible.

We currently live in a world where someone like me can create anything that our minds can conceive and present it to the world, without asking permission or needing access to a gatekeeper. The principle of net neutrality plays a big role in that. I hate to see that world disappear.

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