Inktober & A Delayed Announcement

In observance of the sacred week that falls between International Coffee Day (Sept 29) and the glorious holiday that is the Shared Birthday of Rob Liefeld and Ashlee Simpson (Oct 3, which, in a rare demonstration of the Illuminati’s subtle sense of humor, is also Virus Appreciation Day), there will be no new Garage strips this week. I tried to provide you with reruns, but I was unable to obtain the distribution rights to either The Honeymooners or What’s Happening!!, despite offering as many as a dozen bologna sandwiches. As a side note, I have also discovered that, Kickstarters aside, the value of potato salad is wholly unappreciated in contract negotiations.

In other news, today is the first day of Inktober and here is my first image (my first drawing inked with a brush, actually), Bob Burden’s Flaming Carrot making a timely reference to the fact that today is also World Vegetarian Day. Obviously, I need the practice. Also, I should have given the lettering more thought (I usually just do all that on the computer like the lazy SOB that I am).

What was my original point? Oh, yes, so in closing, I hope you will all remember that a vote for Prop 101 is a vote against our children, our future and our children’s future.


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Jeremy Kerns is the mastermind behind TIMID Studios, Mellow Migrations, HipstrStash and others. He writes, makes films, draws comics and searches the world for dead pixels to prove the simulation theory. You can also find his creations on Etsy at and Redbubble at
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