Animated TIMID LogoTIMID Studios is the umbrella title for the creative endeavors of Jeremy Kerns. Here you’ll find an ever-expanding catalog of comics, like The Garage; writings like the short stories collection Artifacts and bizarre fictional ongoing exposé of Apparent Progress; and all manner of other creative works. While focused heavily on comics and fiction writing, there’s no telling what might be created here so please come back regularly to see what’s new.

You can see TIMID Studios socially at any of the following locations.

And you might be interested in these, as well.

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HipstrStash is a site celebrating the best in independent creative works. You’ll find recommendations for books, music, movies, comics, blogs and more. Come check ’em out and let us know about your favorites! Love it before it’s cool!


Finally, you can contact TIMID Studios directly by e-mail at contact [at] timidstudios.com.

Or use this handy-dandy contact form:

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